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Dry Finish

Water resistant, coated and laminated fabrics to suit a variety of garment styles.

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Price: £10.00 - £19.99
Compositon: 100% Cotton
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  1. Graphite

    Specialist pigmented coated that marks with handle and wear.

  2. Lickwax

    Lickwax has been renamed ‘Ranger’ and moved to the Tekwax section of the website. Please see Ranger 14 and Ranger 18 (formerly Lickwax 14 and Lickwax 18)

  3. Carlyle

    A luxurious double-faced cotton twill laminate with a water resistant finish.

  4. 1880 Drill

    A luxurious, brushed cotton-rich twill, with a water resistant finish.

Grid List

4 Items