We are proud to say that all our cotton is sourced from Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) approved suppliers and we are registered as a member of BCI (certificate #1005045). BCI helps provide farmers with the skills for sustainable farming, helping to provide a fairer workplace, maintain soil integrity, reduce waste water, and reduce the use of the most harmful pest/insecticides. By buying cotton products from British Millerain, you are supporting The BCI Farmers who care for the environment and implement the principles of decent work. You can find out more about our place in the Better Cotton Initiative here!

Our densely constructed, plain-weave cotton fabric is the most popular base cloth in the collection. We supply this globally to many industry-leading outerwear brands and it is available with a variety of weatherproof finishes.


Our collection also includes a variety of different weaves, including Ripstop, Panama, Twill and Herringbone.  Each is dyed and finished in the UK, using six generations of innovation and expertise to produce unique fabrics for our customers.

Chera is the original waxed cotton, one of the earliest fabrics to be made by British Millerain, and still the cornerstone of our collection. No two garments made with Chera are the same; the fabric gains character with age and wear, producing garments with truly individualised appearance.

When we receive an order for Chera, the un-dyed cotton is batched into rolls of up to 2,000 meters. At this stage, we have already checked the weight, construction and quality of the base fabric as part of our rigorous Quality Control (QC) – ISO 9001. As the fabric moves through the batching machine, it also undergoes a visual inspection to check for foreign fiber contamination.