As a company we’re really proud of the progress we’ve made since our humble beginnings way back in 1880. You can read our full history here, but quite simply we started out as a finishing company in Halifax, West Yorkshire. A number of years, a fair few global patents, and six generations later, our current chairman Mr. Michael Miller, and family, are continuing the tradition of spearheading the way for a modern Waxed Cotton company. While our most popular products are our traditional waxed fabrics we offer so much more; from our Dry Finishes and Ripstop Cottons, to Flame, Rot, and Water resistant canvases for Marquee tentage and Boat Sails! We’re going to be giving you all a sneak peek at the processes our fabrics go through from when it’s delivered to us, to when we send it out to you the customer.  So keep your eyes peeled across our Social Media channels for the latest installments of The Journey of our fabrics.