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High-spec canvas for industrial applications.

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  1. Filamore®

    Filamore is our branded range of 100% natural cotton supplied in a range of base weights finished with our world renowed dry chemical formulation. A versatile product primarily used in the manufacture of tipeees, marquees, to landrover tilts, traditional horsewear and equine, protective covers of any nature. Bespoke colours and wider widths are available upon request.

  2. Regentex®

    The first fabric of its kind developed initially for the UK market, available in a range of weights from 8oz to 24oz base cloth. Regentex is a 52% / 48% PES and cotton blended fabric, woven exclusively woven to give a high strength to low weight ratio. Woven in characteristic ripstop weave or plain weave, the cotton content ensures breathability whilst the polyester content gives the fabric strength.

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